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The Kahn’s Family Photoshoot

“Family is not important. It’s everything” – Michael J Fox

I believe there is a personality to every family. Yes, every person has a personality within their family but I think a family as a whole has a personality.

Being given the oppurtunity to capture that personality is a true honour. Being able to fully memorialize and capture that incredible sense of love is something wonderful. I feel amazed everytime I do a family photoshoot. Especially awe struck at how different love can be which is most evident when you look through each family’s photoshoot and are able to see each family personality.

This specific photoshoot was a special one for me. The beautiful Kahn family were all together with their little ones from around the world. They chose to capture that moment with a family photoshoot. Taryn Kahn has been in my life since I was a little baby, I consider her part of my family and so to be able to capture her with her family, and to finally be able to meet her wonderful family made my heart feel all warm and fuzzy. Thank you all for choosing me to capture such a fantastic moment in time.

This photoshoot was done at the Parkhurst Recreational centre, which has incredible graffiti walls and such wonderfully vivid backgrounds, and for all you photographers or aspiring photographers out there, AMAZING LIGHTING!!!  It was a space that is fenced in and safe for the little ones to have fun while the adults are getting there shots done. It is a really great stress and worry free space with lots to keep the kids interested in which leads to one really fun photoshoot, even for the children.

Have a look at the Kahn’s fun filled family photoshoot 

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