About Me

Haylee Pincus

My name is Haylee Daniela Pincus.

I pride myself on being a memory catcher.

There’s nothing better than seeing people making memories and having the ability to capture it for eternity and being able to tell their story through still images.

It took me a little while to decide where I wanted my life to go. I always knew design was for me however I got lost in its world. I completed a three year interior design degree. By the time I had to start my career I realized I needed to look under another design carpet for my passion.

I applied to work on a cruise ship as a photographer to buy myself some time to find my passion and coincidentally I just happened to find it out at sea.

I created HD Photography to help you capture your memories. I realized that seeing people smile and laugh and love or even cry made my creativity firework. I wanted to offer my creative eye to eternally capture your memories and emotions.

I search for the most raw emotions through my lens and create an artwork of memory and feeling for you to keep.

I look forward to being given that honour for you and your family.
Your memory catcher